2021 Summer Trip to Cancun

This is Nissik’s first international trip (and the first destination of my little Project Caribbean) and we wanted to find a place that has great beach, pleasant weather, nice people, and most importantly of all, direct service to/from Boston. For August 2021, both Delta and JetBlue had direct weekly service between Boston and Cancun. Given our schedule, we flew to Cancun with Delta and came back with JetBlue. Both flights were fine, but the lines were long if one did not have priority and needed special assistance with the check-in.

We stayed at the NIZUC resort for the one-week trip and it was such a great getaway from Boston. The resort was spacious, the food was delicious and the staff went above and beyond to make sure that we enjoy our stay there. Prior to our trip, I contacted the hotel to arrange for airport pickup/drop-off, and when we arrived at the resort, the crib, the high chair and the diaper genie were all properly set up. The airport drop-off was especially worth-it since we flew with JetBlue and the hotel staff accompanied us all the way through security and helped us clear the line (and all the related paperworks).

We had a size-able spa pool in our suite and it was the perfect size for Nissik (at 21months) to explore water and learn to enjoy swimming/water-walking with his swim vest life jacket while feeling secured. He did not seem to grapple the idea of riding the waves just yet.

We ventured out only a few times to the public beach, as the resort does not have the top wavy beach that we love (but the quiet clean resort beach should be good for babies or anyone who just wants to chill though). There were quite a few people on the public beach (the thatched cabanas were first come first served) and everyone seemed to be quite friendly towards Nissik. I noticed that there were quite some seaweeds in the water at Playa Delfines (the water was beautiful nevertheless) and it was quite unpleasant to be entangled with these seaweeds as one swim – which also made me appreciate the hard work of the staff at our resort – I barely saw any on the beach as they were constantly being cleaned out of the water.

We will definitely reserve a special place in our heart for the wonderful holiday of 2021 that we stayed at NIZUC and hope to come back and visit again.

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